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2009-11-09 12:58 pm


Age: 21
Species: Human
Orientation: Bisexual.

The Love Hotel Preferences

Personal Kink:
~I admit to having a kink for Ino either being knocked unconscious or knocking someone else unconscious. Preferred methods are chloroform, sleeping gas, drugged drinks, or darts, either administered by another person or as part of a clever trap. It's especially fun when she or the one she's knocking out has time to realize what's happening, but the element of surprise is fun to.
~Blowjobs, especially in all sorts of fun locations like bathrooms and under tables.
~Being fucked from behind
~Threesomes (MMF or MFF)
~Lots of flirting before hand
~Costumes, and interesting locations for sex
~Hypnosis and light bondage

~ Heavy Bondange
~ Slight Psychological Abuse
~ Dub-con
~ Fingering
~ Blindfold

Ask first before attempting this ones.

Hell No:
~ Complete Beastiality; Furry (ie: Werewolves and the such)
~ Guro; Gore; Snuff
~ Minors/Shota (under 16, not acceptable)
~ Blood Play; Physical Abuse; Full Blown Psychological Abuse
~ Toys of any kind; Fisting
~ Scat/Golden Showers/Vomit/Similar (that's disgusting)